Here some of the best travel tips we can give you:        
Saving money in a way?? But not eating street food, many people get parasites, it take 15 days to happen, and cost a lot to get rid of them!!
If you are going to travel by chicken bus, make sure that you keep your passport, money, credit card, in your belly bag not in the backpack. Like me.. still stock in here.
Geroma. USA.
Don’t throuw away your water bottles, many hostels refill them for you it helps a lot with recycling... Central America needs it!
Mónica. El Salvador. C.A
In Guatemala City maybe a shuttle for a few dollars more is safer than getting robbed changing chicken buses and is dangerous at night!!
Chris & James. IRELAND.
Some places like Xela or Antigua in Guatemala can be cold at night. So.. pack some clothes for this.
Josephine, Hans, Robert. AUSTRIA
Chicken buses stop running early evening!! Don’t find yourself in the middle of nowhere without a secure lift.. enjoy your trips!!!
Manolo. ESPAÑA
Travelling with a surfboard, Not easy in Central America!!! Many surfing spots have Rentals.. but not repellent!!!
Always keep mosquito repellent sometimes you end up in a place with no shop!!
Jeffry. HOLLAND.
Try and Check with other people on the chicken buses the price for your trip. Must be the same than everybody. And is always in the local currency not in dollars.
Sandra. ENGLAND.
Please no matter how much of a hurry you are in don’t take off your backpack until you are at the back of the chicken bus and handing it to the guy on top of the bus. Or somebody can run away with it.
Christopher. NORWAY.
Keep your Schedule open.. You’ll find little towns where you dont want to leave or leave others earlier than you might have planned.
Johanna. Oregon US.
Bring a Blanket if you’re planning to travel with night buses. They can get really cold!
Karolina. SWEDEN

Travelling from Mexico or Belize to see Tikal. You can enjoy the lake Peten Itza staying at El Remate, is so beautiful, Flores is not even worthy


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